About Real Home Advising

Real Home Advising offers a full suite of real estate consulting services to assist with any residential real estate needs.

We have helped over 5,000 of your neighbors find answers to their real estate questions. With more than a decade of local market experience in appraising, buying, selling, and investing, we have experience in identifying the information you need and provide it in a way that is easy to understand.

New Homeowners

Looking to buy a new home or investment property?

Let’s have a conversation about what you want in a home and neighborhood. We can show you what each neighborhood offers, in relation to your wants and needs. We’ll give you the necessary information to make a fully informed decision on one of your largest investments. Once a home is located, but before an offer is made, we provide advice on offer amount and purchase price. We can also provide projections of what the home could be worth with various renovations.

Thinking of renovating your home?

Want to know what your home is going to be worth after it’s remodeled? We can show you. We offer several renovation advice services, from being able to identify changes made to other homes in the neighborhood and how it impacted their values, to providing cost estimate data, that serves as a double check on renovation budgets. We are able to provide information on what changes have an impact on value, what changes don’t, and how much it should cost.

Home for Sale

Thinking of listing your home for sale, but don’t want a pushy sales pitch?

We can provide data that allows you to understand your potential list and sales price. We can provide advice on which aspects of the home will help in the marketing of it, as well as potential things that could hurt. Don’t know where to find a sales contract, or how to go about closing the sale? We can help with all these aspects. If you are looking for someone to provide advice through the entire sale process, give us a call.

Real Home Advising takes the mystery out of the real estate market. There are no pushy sales tactics, just straightforward advice. We provide clear and concise information that allows you to know, not just the value, but where that value comes from. Our knowledge, experience, and customer-focused approach is the reason so many of your neighbors have used our services.

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