What Exactly is Real Estate Consulting?

By Real Home Advising | Real Estate Consulting

Dec 08

In a nutshell, real estate consultants provide unbiased, expert advice about residential real estate. The consultants focus on professional problem solving while simultaneously acting towards a client’s best interest. Real estate consultants don’t sell your home and don’t renovate it themselves, but they provide expert fee-based advice for any and all needs in between.

What can real estate consulting do for you?
Real estate consulting can help you:

  • Identify concerns
  • Collect data
  • Communicate results clearly
  • Implement a plan of action.

Everyone seems to have a friend or a relative that knows something about real estate. Most believe they know the value of their own home. Keep in mind, however, that you are not a disinterested party, and don’t see your home with the eyes of a potential buyer. As for that friend or relative, would you take their advice on a stock tip, or a sports bet? If not, why would you take their advice on something as important as your home?

Real Estate Consulting

Using statistical models built on data from your neighborhood and curated by a local expert at valuations, a real estate consultant can help you understand why your home is worth what it is worth, how long is should take to sell, and at what price it should be marketed. They can provide all the advice and support needed for you to sell your home yourself.

This is not a small undertaking. For those that would like some help, consultants also maintain a list of what they believe are the best agents in your market (should you want to use a realtor for marketing and selling).

Home renovations are a huge expense. It is a rare situation that yields a dollar for dollar return on a renovation. Real estate consultants can show you what your home will be worth once the renovations are complete, and provide a second opinion of cost to check a contractor’s estimates. Receiving renovation advice allows you to understand what you are getting before writing the check.

These are just a few examples of what a real estate consultant can do for you. To learn more, visit our Problems We Solve page for information on the types of concerns we assist with.


About the Author

Chad Giffen is a Certified Residential Appraiser that has been involved in Kansas City real estate since last century. Chad’s works as a financial planner, real estate agent, investment manager, appraisal management company employee, and appraiser, provided a multifaceted understanding of the residential real estate industry. These experiences led to the understanding of a need for unbiased advice in the residential market. To fill this need Chad founded Real Home Advising, a company whose goal is to provide assistance and advice to clients in the complex residential real estate industry.