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Chad Giffen is a Certified Residential Appraiser that has been involved in Kansas City real estate since last century. Chad’s works as a financial planner, real estate agent, investment manager, appraisal management company employee, and appraiser, provided a multifaceted understanding of the residential real estate industry. These experiences led to the understanding of a need for unbiased advice in the residential market. To fill this need Chad founded Real Home Advising, a company whose goal is to provide assistance and advice to clients in the complex residential real estate industry.

Dec 08

What Exactly is Real Estate Consulting?

By Real Home Advising | Real Estate Consulting

Real Estate Consulting

In a nutshell, real estate consultants provide unbiased, expert advice about residential real estate. The consultants focus on professional problem solving while simultaneously acting towards a client’s best interest. Real estate consultants don’t sell your home and don’t renovate it themselves, but they provide expert fee-based advice for any and all needs in between. What […]

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