Home Advisory Checkup

Your home may be one of your largest financial investments, and we understand that making a decision to buy, sell or renovate can have a huge impact on your life.
If you have questions and aren’t quite ready to jump in feet-first, we offer free consultation calls for the services below. We’d love to hear from you!

Should you sell, renovate or stay in your home?

The real estate market has changed as much as the rest of the world over the past few years. Is your county appraisal estimate correct? Could you really sell your house for what the house down the street sold for? If we stay, should we renovate? All these are common questions in today's real estate market. We can provide the advice and information to answer these questions.


Sale by owner

We can provide step by step help throughout the entire process from pricing and marketing advice all the way through closing.

Home for sale

Real estate investment

Making the decision to buy or sell a real estate investment can be a scary proposition. We have been personally involved in residential real estate investments since the late 1990’s. You don’t have to rely on gut instinct or the opinion of a listing agent. We can provide professional advice that will have an impact on your investment bottom line. We will work with you in achieving your real estate investment goals.

Real estate investment

Buying a new home

Let’s have a conversation about what you want in a home and neighborhood. We can show you what each neighborhood offers, in relation to your wants and needs. We’ll give you the necessary information to make a fully informed decision on one of your largest investments. Once a home is located, but before an offer is made, we provide advice on offer amount and purchase price. We can also provide projections of what the home could be worth with various renovations.

Home buying

Home renovation

Our renovation advice services range from identifying changes made to other homes in the neighborhood and how it impacted their values, all the way to providing full renovation consulting, down to helping pick out grout colors.